Video: Carol Rhodes exposes the corrupt child support agencies

This lady exposes the corrupt child support system

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Carol Rhodes exposes the corrupt child support enforcement agencies and Title IV-D. Carol Rhodes is author of “Friend of the Court Enemy of the Family” and was a part of the 2007 Equal Parenting B…

Here are some comments:

I just heard something interesting.

On a given day, all fathers should stop paying child support untill the system is made fairer.

The system could not handle such a mass protest, and remember, each father is a vote.

No more to, FAMILY LAW,? FAMILY WAR…. and mega rich lawyers!

Divorce is allowed to suggest all fathers are criminals. I think some fathers should be entitled to compensation for humiliation and lack of support by the state.What do you think???

Can someone please help me, I don’t have a break, I work to pay Child Support, I don’t ever see my kids, because the mother knows that i don’t have the money to take her to Court, the Child Support Agency will provide Her with an Attorney for free. The Amount is very high that i pay, she braggs about how much she gets when i? get a raise, not how well my son is doing, nothing but money. If someone can give me some sound advice I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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