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The Zeta Male

Since current legal systems in Western countries relegate men to a second class status below women, freedom-loving men are beginning to take on a new relational orientation towards the government-entitled, overly pampered females. Even society in general and the news media have joined in the “women are all good/superior” man-hater fanaticism where kicking a man in his groin or even cutting off his penis is a topic that is considered humorous and something to laugh about rather than seeing those behaviors as the horrific crimes that they really are. Men in Western countries know that the Feminazi family court system, domestic violence laws, and other government laws are there to unfairly control and punish men and legally steal wealth from men to the enrichment of entitlement-demanding women. Reacting to all of this, we have seen such ideas such as Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and the Zeta Male as new types of male identity options. So, what is a Zeta Male? I think the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) has yet to fully define this new type of male role, so the purpose of this short article is to try to present a basic definition of what the Zeta male term means.

A Definition of the Zeta Male

Websites such as have some interesting articles on the Zeta Male, but how can the term “Zeta Male” be adequately defined? At the most basic level, a Zeta male is someone who does not follow the traditional male roles since those very accepted male behaviors can now lead to social, psychological, and economic ruin for males. A Zeta male does not blindly follow those traditional male roles because he is aware that those roles can cause him economic, psychological, and even physical harm. So, what are those traditional male roles that are detrimental to our grandfathers, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and all males? Let us take a look at these roles.


This is such a dangerous and at times life-threatening role for any male. This burdensome male role has led to men incurring mental and physical injuries as well as dying in their “protector roles” that have been thrust upon them by societal brainwashing.


Yes, males are still looked upon as the main provider in a family even though women have successfully fought to earn as much as any man. This male role usually enslaves men to a lifetime of toil to provide the house, groceries, clothing, vacations, and other needs for a wife and HER children. Yes, current Feminazi Family Court Law essentially makes children HER property which entitles her to based-on-politics child support amounts, alimony, and divorce settlement robbery. Unfortunately, a man must continue being the provider even after a divorce and even if his ex-wife saddles a new boyfriend who has a lot of money.

A Female’s Enforcers

This male role attests to the superior, social/manipulative skills of females over males. Many a male has been psychologically and physically brutalized by the male enforcers of a female since those very male enforcers mistakenly believe that they are the “protectors” of the so-called helpless female. Most men who assume the role of a female’s protector don’t understand that the female is carrying out her cold-blooded brutality by using them as weapons against the male victim who is the object of her brutality. Even though the male target of a female’s aggression may be mercilessly beaten physically or legally raped in family court, she will get the lion’s share of the sympathy and support from other unaware men who someday may be the victims of other female-controlled male enforcers. Some women are so skilled at this art that they can cause a man to go against his own brother, father, or son.

Back-breaking Work

The lifetime pain of the large underclass of men who are relegated to doing all of the back-breaking work, heavy-lifting, and dirty/greasy jobs of society (Occupational Gender Gap) are never brought to the national conciousness of any Western country. Even though the average adult female in Western countries is just as strong and physically larger than the average male in many Asian countries, I have never heard of any Feminazi fighting so that women could share on an equal basis the burden of these socially undesirable occupations. It is time for women to assume an equal share of the burden of the back-breaking occupations.

Pick Up Artist

You have seen this type of male role in movies, sitcoms, novels, and real life. This is the male who is constantly chasing women for sex. He usually has a standard set of “pick up lines” and behaviorial strategies to entice as many women as possible into his bed. He may also spend loads of money on expensive dinners and gifts just for the opportunity to add another name to his list of sexual adventures. Unfortunately, the “pick up artist” doesn’t realize that women want sex as much as he does, so it isn’t necessary to continually waste his wealth or time on hunting a new sex partner.

Back to the Definition

So, a Zeta male doesn’t follow the traditional roles set out for him by tradition or culture. If we are to ever start to adequately operationally define a Zeta male, we need to start evaluating behaviors that might be called Zeta male behavioral norms, such as:

  • He is not a pick up artist since he realizes that women want sex as much as men, and all the pick up strategies are just a waste of time. He knows that if he is seen as a solid source of expert lovemaking that includes fantastic orgasms, he will never want for the type of female companionship he decides to pursue.
  • He is never a female’s unwitting male protector or provider, since he knows that she is fully capable of taking care of herself. He realizes that the government protects and provides for women more than they do for men.
  • He is never a female’s ATM machine for undeserved cash withdrawals, especially since he has avoided the pitfalls of getting married in a Western country; thus, he has avoided the Feminazi Family Court slave master who will aggressively transfer his wealth to her. He demands economic equality during dating, so he knows that she is dating him because she likes his companionship and lovemaking. Since she pays her own way, he is confident that she is not with him just for free high-priced dinners, free movie tickets, free luxurious weekend getaways and other expensive items that other males mistakenly think are necessary to pay for in order to get laid.
  • He will never become an unwitting female’s male enforcer to be used as her tool to carry out her brutal aggression against the male victim she has decided to punish or even destroy.
  • Of course there are many more that we could list here, but as I stated earlier, this article is just attempting to develop a basic definition of a Zeta male.

A Zeta male is essentially assuming roles that he himself deems to be worthy of his time, intelligence, and belief system. He knows that devoting his life to making some woman happy to the exclusion of his own happiness would hinder his own self development and the goals that he has set for himself. He gets his identity not from women, tradition, or society, but from his own logical, common sense intellect coupled with his own appropriate education, research, and observation of his socioeconomic and legal environment. In other words, part of the difference between a Zeta male and other males is his focus. He focuses on certain life options that non-Zeta males won’t consider because the Zeta male is fully aware of the dangers of societal misandry and our female-centric, man-hater Western governments that are currently economically, psychologically, and physically brutalizing males. No, I don’t think that the above is a complete definition of a Zeta male, but it serves as a starting point to begin to fully define this new type of male. Yes, there are probably many points of disagreement too, but we should at least find some basic starting point as I have tried to do here. As yet, there is no known encyclopedic authority on defining such terms such as "Zeta male" and other terms that relate to the Men’s Rights Movement. I have included below a definition of a Zeta male by Cooter Bee.

Z Masked Writer MA, MRA(Men’s Rights Activist)

Below is a definition by Cooter Bee:

Defining and Implementing Zeta Masculinity

Zeta Masculinity is not a new concept. It has existed since the Axial Age and has had many adherents in every epoch of civilization since. Though it comes to our attention when many attempts at proscribing a new masculinity are in vogue. Most of these are contrived collections of mores and traits constructed at the behest of and for the convenience of women. Zeta masculinity is very different. It is ancient. It has always been a viable life strategy. The principles are unified and well developed. It is unquestionably and uniquely male in origin and practice. So much so that it is doubtful that any woman could ever pursue or mimic it and it would never be mistaken for a feminist inspired new manhood.

The main difference between the traditional Alpha, Beta, Omega model of masculinity and Zeta masculinity is focus. Traditional masculinity emphasizes duty to the man’s particular society and the women in it. Zeta masculinity is devotion to a duty to humanity as a whole within in the service of virtue. The familiar traditional model depends greatly upon physical prowess, conformity and aggression – traits that advance the interests of society. Men who are not physically gifted men, men who are inhibited in the ways of aggression or have an unconventional turn of mind can often struggle to obtain an acceptable self image using the traditional model. Zeta masculinity, on the other hand, places a premium upon discipline and mental acuity – characteristics that further civilization, that ALL men can cultivate and do not have to be born with. Since it is not inborn, it can be acquired peace-meal, refined and altered according to a man’s particular situation, and even discarded as conditions warrant.

Core Concepts – The three “V’s”

Virtue – To a Zeta, virtue is an important concept. It is not to be confused with hand wringing shame over sexuality or bathroom activity. It is the manifestation of supremely developed skill – as in a virtuoso. Virtue is far too important an idea to limit it to the mere abstention from sex.

Volition – Other types of men have duties and responsibilities forced upon them by society. A Zeta man voluntarily selects his own duties in furtherance of his own purposes. This has two very important implications for mankind: 1) The individual judgment of a Zeta is superior to and more functional than the received edicts of his society. He may freely choose the optimum solution over the proscribed and most often faulty course of action that his society directs. 2) A Zeta may change his mind. When events go badly, the Zeta man has the flexibility to evaluate circumstances and change direction immediately and unapologetically. Ordinary men typically do not. They are bound by such sentiments as “My country right or wrong”, “He who is not for us is against us” or even a simple “Stay the course.” Only an ordinary, traditional man would think, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do”. A Zeta believes a man’s gotta do what he sees fit.

Veracity – Truth is the Zeta’s stock in trade. It is his final and only authority and the basis of everything he thinks, says or does. He spreads it like seed and he gathers it like grain.

Prominent Zetas of the Past

Plato, Themistocles, Augustus, Seneca, Diocletian, Augustine, Gregory the Great, Benedict, Scotus, Anselm, Chaucer, Dante, Copernicus, Machiavelli, Columbus, Luther, Marlowe, Raleigh, Newton, Penn, Charles II,Voltaire, Rossini, Casanova, Hamilton, Jefferson, Emerson, Lincoln, Forrest, Bismark, Lord Byron, Lloyd George, Hemingway, Lenin, Rohm, Hess, Shostakovitch, Picasso

Special Mention

Diogenes – Cynic philosopher who slept in a barrel and carried a lamp through Athens in daylight looking for an honest man. Had the stones to trifle with Alexander the Great (Alpha if there ever was one) not once but twice and was permitted to live. Alexander went out to meet the notorious Diogenes and found him sun bathing. Alexander asked Diogenes if there was anything he could do for him. Diogenes said “Yes. Get out of my light.” Alexander also found him studying a pile of bones. Diogenes told Alexander that he was searching for the bones of Alexander’s father (Phillip II) but he could not distinguish them from the bones of a slave. Alexander stated that if he were not Alexander, he would wish to be Diogenes.

Julian the Apostate – Roman Emperor, writer, reformer and most accomplished man of his time. Gibbon (a celebrated Beta) said of him that if he had not been Emperor, Julian would have excelled in any circumstance. He would have obtained or at least deserved the highest honors of any profession he chose.

Zeta Jump Start

It is the nature of Zeta masculinity to be highly individualized. Therefore, it doesn’t lend itself readily to rules or guiding principles. Most of the writings about Zeta are often a bit vague as Zetas don’t demand any particular behavior of another man. Still, there is at least one proven tenant that if fully explicated and diligently applied to all facets of life, will yield the intended result. A man need to remember only one thing:

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.” – Henry David Thoreau

    • If he can let pussy alone, there is no chance of being exploited by women.
    • If he can let pride alone, he cannot be manipulated.
    • If he can let fame alone, he will not be a target for envy.
    • If he can let drugs and alcohol alone, he avoids a myriad of problems. etc.

By this saying, a Zeta is always a very rich man. He practices the virtue of restraint and sets himself apart from those on the hamster wheel. He does so according to his own priorities and his own understanding. He is his own man and an indisputably masculine one. It is now and has always been the mark of a superior existence.

Written by Cooter Bee

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  • Marauder7

    Interesting!!!but my question this; The Sigma Male also doesn’t follow the
    rules of the hierarchy like the Zeta. They also have always been there own
    man so, what would be the difference between the two?

  • al789

    The Alpha, Beta, and Sigma categories all have elements of a superiority/inferiority hierarchy while the Zeta male encompasses more flexibility in assuming a wider range of male-role options at the same time that it allows for male inventiveness and creativity to contribute to the advancement of society. The definition of the Zeta male is still not quite clearly defined on a collective level among MRAs especially since no authoritative male-centric reference resource exists that all MRAs can agree upon.

  • Marauder7

    How does The Sigma Male fit into the hierarchy specifically? They’re considered outsiders just much as The Zeta Male plus, he only looks out for self.

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